A Journey with the Architects of the World

Vassilis Sgoutas

14.8 x 21 cm
432 pages
ISBN 978-3-86859-481-2

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Through speeches, articles and interviews, this book highlights some of the more significant considerations that have run parallel with Vassilis Sgoutas’ own steps in architecture. It also includes a Random Diary, where the focus is not on what was said or written, but rather on experiences and thoughts that have emanated from events related to architects and to architecture. Although this book is a personal book, it is also a mirror of the parallel roads of many architects. Through its pages, glimpses can be caught of the more recent history of the UIA, a unique professional organisation that brings together the architects of the world, in pursuit of common ideals and targets.
Memory is our wealth. Having on record these texts and events helps rediscover how our priorities have changed. And how they differ across the globe. In reading between the lines one will be able to gauge what has been the legacy of actions, or inaction, and where architects, as individuals and as a profession, have had a positive influence on the advancement of causes. So it is a little more than mere history, it is also an awakening call.

The Vassilis Sgoutas Prize, named for former UIA (International Union of Architects) President, Vassilis Sgoutas, has, since its first edition in 2008, recognized inventive implemented architectural solutions for reducing poverty and indigence.

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